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Over the last few years the solar industry has undergone huge change. The removal or reduction of Feed In Tariffs (FIT’s) and over supply has meant less money for solar companies to spend on their outreach to current and potential customers. The days of companies taking a stand that takes up half a hall at Intersolar Munich or spending £500,000 a year on advertising are in the past. This budget pressure has meant that solar companies have to find new, more effective ways to reach their current and potential customers, whilst generally reducing the overall amount they spend on promotions. This is where we came in. We focus on taking the message that your company has, the point of difference, and dispersing it through the trade media. Our role is to help you promote your announcements, whether they be financial or technological, and make sure they are seen by as many people as possible, in your target market. We do this through press releases, press days, securing interviews, and many other tactics. We are the solar industry media relations agency that can put you where you need to be. Publications we’ve worked with include;

  • PV Magazine
  • PV Tech
  • Energetica
  • Solarpower Portal
  • Recharge

As the wind market becomes more challenging and the industry attempts to become more professional and business like, the way in which companies promote themselves has changed as well. Huge advertising budgets no longer exist and more and more companies are trying to find different tactics to acheive their aims. More emphasis is placed on developing relationships with media that enable companies to be seen as thought leaders, promoting their ideas, rather than spending large amounts on advertising. This is where we come in. We help companies to gain coverage in the markets they need, but extracting the knowledge wihtin those organiastions and turning it into press releases, case studies, thought leadership pieces, etc. Publications we’ve worked with include;

  • Wind Power monthly
  • Recharge
  • Wind Tech Internatonal
  • PES
  • Wind Systems

Whether you’re talking involved in large plants or onsite power in the food processing, farming or related industries, our experience can help to put you in front of the potential customers, as well as helping to maintain your relationship with current clients. We will take the knowledge from your organisation and turn them into stories and news to be published, organise interviews and press events, to make sure that your message is understood. Publications we’ve worked with include;

  • CIWM
  • Farm Week
  • Farmers Guardian
  • Farmers Weekly
  • Sustainable Ireland
  • ABDA Magazine

Mainstream Power
Whatever your area of expertise, we have experience and can help. We have lots of experience working with companies in the mainstream power industry, as well as helping companies in renewables, break into the mainstream power and vice versa. We understand how best to make sure your heard. Publications we’ve worked with include;

  • Power and Energy Solutions
  • Power Enginering International

We also work in Marine, Offshore and Health and Safety

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