Budget Season

Whilst consulting with smaller companies who don’t have their own sales people, I often find that they make one big mistake. They often talk to companies about buying their advertising space/visiting their tradeshow/exhibiting at their event, just before it’s about to happen. If you’re a well established magazine or trade event this is a luxury that you can afford, because companies are likely to … Read More

EkowBudget Season

The Basics for Writing a Press Release

One of the things that has struck me most working in renewables, is the variation in quality of press releases. Below, I’ve outlined a  basic structure that I use with press releases. It’s just a few guidelines that will hopefully help people to get better results. Headline – The headline is trying to make a big impression with the fewest amount … Read More

EkowThe Basics for Writing a Press Release

Are you talking to yourselves or to your customers?

Many companies I’ve encountered in the renewables industry have the same issue when it comes to writing promotional materials; they write about themselves for themselves. For many companies their focus is internal rather than external. They are focused on what they believe they are, based on how they feel about themselves. This sounds like a pretty normal thing to do? … Read More

EkowAre you talking to yourselves or to your customers?

Producing a Newsletter

Several clients have asked me about producing newsletters and been very surprised about the subsequent cost. Producing a good newsletter takes time and resources, and is a long-term project. Here I’ll outline some of the key things that been issues for people I’ve spoken to. What is the point? This may seem like a very obvious question, but most companies … Read More

EkowProducing a Newsletter

How Can I Create More Content?

Most companies find it difficult to produce content for themselves, and this is completely understandable, it’s an issue that many companies have. There are a number of things that every company does that can be turned into content Trade Events Most companies go to trade events, but don’t use them as a way to produce content. In some cases the … Read More

EkowHow Can I Create More Content?

What renewables can learn from Donald Trump

Coming from a sales background, I continually meet people who look at sales as a foreign concept and shudder at the thought of trying to ‘sell’ to someone. The truth is that we all have to regularly sell ourselves to other people. A CV and subsequent job interview is a sales pitch. Meeting a stranger who becomes your friend is … Read More

EkowWhat renewables can learn from Donald Trump

What are the benefits of press releases?

Press releases can be a great promotional tool.  Lets be clear, if your using a press release as part of an SEO strategy, you’re going to be disappointed, but what press releases can do is create a buzz around your company and what you’re doing. These are some of the reasons why; External Confirmation By having your story published, the … Read More

EkowWhat are the benefits of press releases?

The Hamburg Husum Conundrum

With much fanfare Hamburg Wind Energy opened its doors to a major wing energy event for the first time in nearly a decade. With over 1300 exhibitors and an expected 40,000 visitors, Hamburg’s mission is to put itself firmly back on the map as the place to do business in the wind industry. The change of venue from Husum to … Read More

EkowThe Hamburg Husum Conundrum

Building Relationships With The Media

It’s often thought that the company that has the most important news wins the race to get stories into publications. Whilst it’s important that magazines aim for the highest standards in their reporting, finding things to write about is not simply a case of facts and figures. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of timing, but in the majority of cases, … Read More

EkowBuilding Relationships With The Media

Finding Your Voice

One of the key factors in companies getting media coverage is how they position themselves. What are your views on the industry you’re in? Do you believe the current direction of the industry is the correct one? If not where should it be going? It is important to promote the practical side of your business; reliability, cost saving, speed of … Read More

EkowFinding Your Voice