What are the benefits of press releases?

Press releases can be a great promotional tool.  Lets be clear, if your using a press release as part of an SEO strategy, you’re going to be disappointed, but what press releases can do is create a buzz around your company and what you’re doing. These are some of the reasons why;

External Confirmation

By having your story published, the person publishing it, is agreeing that it is of value. If that person is a magazine/website that is trusted by the industry, it can only help to confirm the value and in come cases increase the value, of your information. If it is published, it is not simply your subjective view that the information is interesting, but also the view of of the trusted third party. This will only work if you actually have something interesting to say. In many ways it’s like being approved by an external accreditation body, their reputation helps to improve your reputation.

Multiple Channels

One of the great things about a press release is that it can be repurposed by publications themselves. Not only can it be published on the site, but it can also be put into newsletters, and any other medium that publication has. You can see an example of this with our client Sungrow. Not only was the information published on the PV Tech site, but it was also included in their newsletter, which means its likely to reach a larger audience
Example of Sungrow press release published in the PV TEch Newsletter


One of the key advantages of a press release, is its ability to published in a wide range of publications at once. A press release  can be published on tens of different sites, promoting a company story to a wide range of people. We have examples of individual press releases being published on over thirty different sites, which means that without a huge resources, you can be seen by a large number of people.

Building Social Proof

Constantly having important and relevant news to promote, will let potential customers know that you are a company that can handle their needs. By providing proof of what you’ve done for other companies, you’re providing proof of what you can do for them. By showing that you have happy customers, you’re showing that you can make them happy. Whether you’re announcing a project, or promoting an engineering breakthrough, by promoting positive aspects of your work, you’ll be seen in a positive light by potential customers.

Building Relationships

Press Releases can help to build relationships with your target media. By sending the media your press releases, you are informing them that you have something to say. Press releases will help publications to get an understanding of your areas of expertise providing an excellent foundation to start building a relationship that can lead to interviews, quotes in articles, and enable you to set up your company as an organisation the media should come to for information. Clearly, simply sending out a press release and hoping that publications will contact you is not a good strategy, you’ll need to do some work yourself, but having a press release published, will make the next phone call, email, etc, easier for you.

Tracking your release

As press releases are immediate news, they are generally posted on the websites of your target publications. This means that from the comfort of your desk, you can track who published your news, and have a good idea of  how well your news was received in real time.
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EkowWhat are the benefits of press releases?