Editorial Brand Management

What is editorial brand management?
Editorial brand management, is the management of all content that is produced by an organisation to ensure both its quality and effect. Editorial Brand Management process has two distinct areas of focus;

Internally, the process starts with the creation of content, whether it is for the company website or a press release. It’s important to decide the objective of each piece of editorial at its creation, so you can then decide the amount of resources it needs to be successful. For example, could the content created for your website also be used as a talking point to try and obtain an interview? Could it be the starting point for a presentation at an event? It’s also important, where possible, to try and make sure that content is linked to the important trends that are happening in the industry at that time. By producing content that is not only focused on the company itself, but also on how that particular product of service fits into what is happening in the wider industry, it will be possible to make the content work harder for you. Our role is to help you to understand the things that your organisation does do that will be well received, so to do this we will;

  • Help you to find the topics that will be best received by the media
  • Manage and drive collaborative work efforts – Make sure that information is distributed internally and manage deadlines

Here we manage your organisations relationship with the media, making sure that any content that is produced is used as effectively as possible. For example; writing a good press release is only the beginning of the process. Once the press release is written, it must be sent to the right people, making sure all of the target media have received it. Once it has been sent, the results have to be monitored. Was it widely published? Was it published by our target magazines? If not, why not? Answering these questions gives the feedback that allows us to know if how successful the press release was and will help if changes are needed to improve the results. The three key elements of external management are;

  • Making sue the media aware of the issues we are interesting in promoting
  • Making sure that the media come to us first if there they are looking for any kind of editorial contribution
  • Making sure we can respond to requests in the time frames needed

Our Role
As your editorial brand manager, our aim is to make sure of three things;

1. Creation of Quality Content
Any organisation can only produce its best work if it focuses on what it’s good at and decides on its goals and aims. Our role is to help you, find areas that your company excels in and develop that into themes that are connected to what is going on in the wider industry. This will not only allow us to produce quality content, but also to decide what direction we are looking in when it comes to editorial opportunities.

2. Opportunities
Making sure we are made aware of and have access to the best opportunities. By continually developing relationships with current and prospective media partners, we will be able to claim opportunities before other companies.

3. Processes
Wherever possible to improve the internal and external communications process to enable the best results. In many cases the single biggest factor in a company being unable to communicate with the outside world is their ability to communicate internally.

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