I began working in the renewable energy industry in 2003, and that year attended three events that helped to shape my understanding of the industry and the people in it. The first, was the European Wind Energy event in Madrid, the second, Intersolar in Freiburg and the third, Husum Wind in Husum.

At this time the industry was just starting to become more professional and to take itself more seriously as a business. As more companies entered the industry the shows started to grow in size, which in the case of Husum Wind and Intersolar meant tents in a field to accommodate the new entrants to the market. In the long term this has lead to both of those events moving to bigger venues in major cities (Hamburg and Munich respectively), reflecting the number of exhibitors and visitors now attending the events, and how the industry has grown and changed in this period

Ten years ago, European manufacturers were the dominant force in the industry with notable competition, from the US. Now there is huge competition coming from Asia and the exact future of the industry is uncertain. This uncertainty and change has lead to companies considering different and more economical ways of communicating with their customers. The days of huge advertising spends have generally passed and companies are (rightly) focused on their message and how to correctly communicate it. Companies that are able to do this will be the companies that move themselves and the industry into the future.

Ekow Monney

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