We offer a wide range of services for our customers. We will do all of the preparatory work to produce content, contact media and build relationships on your behalf, enabling you to stick to what you know best; talking about your organisation. We can help you with;

Press Releases 
Whether you’re looking for professionals to get you the maximum coverage over a long period of time or just need help with an individual press release, we can help. We have an international database of publishers, editors and journalists working in the most important titles in the industry. We will write, distribute, do all of the follow up work and report on where your press release was published, using both old and new media
Getting a media outlet to interview you is often a difficult thing to achieve. For a media outlet to interview you, they have to understand who you are, what you do and your view on the subjects that matter. To help you get this point, we can set up mock interviews to get you used to the interview process and do all of the necessary work to make sure the media understand your point of view so they will want to interview you. We can help you organise interviews at trade events, over the phone or in person.
Press Days
Whether you are launching a new product at an event, putting together a site tour or giving a press briefing, we can help you by organising everything for you. We can help you choose who to invite, handle all communications with those who have been invited and manage the day itself. After  the event we will take care of all of the follow up work that come from the event; speaking to journalists about possible stories, getting their feedback on products, etc. making sure that you and your organisation receive the maximum from all opportunities created
Website Reviews
Your website is the single most important tool in promoting an understanding of who you are and what you do, so as part of any long term media work we we will review your website, making sure that potential customers are greeted by text that reflects the quality of press coverage you’ll receive. Don’t worry we’re not talking about building a new site, just reviewing the text, to make sure it give the impression to customers and potential customers, that you’d like it to.
Editorial Services
With our experienced team of writers and journalists, we can provide you with a full editorial service. Whether you’d like to commission a specific piece of editorial or like your website to be rewritten, we can help. We will work with you to find the balance between technical and commercial interests, to get the best results. 
With our experience and expertise, we can enable your organisation to get the best results possible, when dealing with the media.
We also offer packaged services, such as an unlimited amount fo press releases, for a six or 12 month period. For more information email ekow@mprg-int.com.
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